Steps of a Job Search- Step 4: Starting the Job Search

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Searching for a job can be overwhelming, and it is often hard to know where to start. There are many things you need to do to create a resume and search for a job, but you can break down the process into manageable steps.

Our “Steps of a Job Search” series highlights these steps. As we go through, follow along with Patricia and Nate (our fictitious examples) to see how it works.

Starting your job search

Once you have a draft of your master resume and some job ideas, it is time to start your job search. In today’s job market, most jobs are posted online though a local job service, online job boards, or social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

We’ve covered some job search strategies in other Telecom Toolbox sections and in other blog posts. Here’s a brief list of tips: 

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Once you have some ideas of jobs you’d like to apply for, review 10 Good Practices for Conducting a Successful Job Search for ideas about reaching out to employers.

Save job postings

Save the posting when you find a job you might want to apply for! Don’t just save the link because it may be inactive when you want to review the job post later. Take a screen shot, copy the text and create a document, or print the job posting, You will want to review the details when you create a targeted resume, cover letter, or get an interview.

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Job search examples: Patricia and Nate


Connecting with job service:

  • Patricia contacted her local job service office and made an appointment to meet with them. During her appointment, they explained how jobs are posted online through the job service. They gave her a tour of the job service online portal and helped her set up an online account.
  • Patricia signed up for email alerts so she is notified when jobs are posted in the categories she’s interested in. She learned the job service posts all school district jobs so between the job service and her friend who works for the district, she thinks she will be notified whenever there is an opening.

Internet search:

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  • Patricia googled “bakery jobs in Hamilton Montana” and learned there is a bakery that is hiring. She makes note of that.
  • She opened the Jobs tab in her Facebook account and saw another bakery that was hiring, but they only posted the job via Facebook. She was glad she looked a little deeper for posted bakery jobs.
  • She looked at the jobs section on craigslist and learned that a place she is interested in volunteering had posted a request for volunteers to staff their office one Saturday a month. She wanted additional experience and to volunteer with this organization, so she made note of the opportunity.


  • Patricia went to her favorite nursery to buy some plants and while she was there she asked if they were hiring. She was told they often hire in the spring, which they advertise in an email newsletter. Patricia signed up to receive the newsletter.
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Connecting with job service:

  • Nate set up an online account at the Job Service and looked for jobs posted on their website.
  • He had some questions about a position for the convention center, which is under construction. He set up an appointment at the local Job Service office, and asked about the convention’s hiring timeline and what they were looking for in the people they hire. He learned that the convention center plans to hire within 6 weeks.  
  • The Job Service gave him feedback about his resume, which he incorporated into his application materials.
  • While Nate was at the Job Service, he heard that a local construction company was planning to hire soon. He learned the company likes to hire people who have subscribed to their social media accounts.

Company outreach:

  • When Nate got home, he “liked” the construction company’s page on Facebook, which he hopes will give him a heads-up when the company is hiring.
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Searching for jobs can take time, but being familiar with the ways employers post jobs will help you keep tabs on the job market. Take time to review posted positions frequently to take advantage of new opportunities.

Once you have some jobs to apply for, it is time to create your application materials. Stay tuned for the next post: Targeted Resumes.

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