Social Media Platforms Explained via a Donut

Social media platforms can be overwhelming.

Does this scenario sound familiar: just as you felt confident enough to use Facebook to keep in touch with your friends and family, you learn that your favorite niece has abandoned Facebook and is posting exclusively on Instagram, your brother only tweets and your best friend is busy networking on LinkedIn.  Facebook… Instagram…Twitter… LinkedIn…?  What are the different platforms and how is each site used?

We were happy to find this slide from a presentation on Using Social Media to Promote Research by Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC).  We thought it offered good insight on the most common social media sites and the applications of each.  MSKTC has graciously allowed us to share it.

Text of slide:

Twitter             I am eating a #donut.

Facebook         I like donuts.

Foursquare     This is where I eat donuts.

Instagram        Here is a vintage photo of my donut.

LinkedIn          My skills include donut-eating.

Pinterest          Here is a donut recipe

Google+           I’ve joined a circle of donut-eating enthusiasts.


To see the MSKTC slides on Using Social Media to Promote Research, please visit:

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