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Instagram is a free online photo-sharing platform. It is an app that lets users upload photos, edit them, tag them with hashtags and location information, and share with other users. You can also share photos to other social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook. Users can “like” other users’ public photos, even if they are not following that user.

Instagram can be an especially valuable tool for people in creative industries. You can use it to advertise your skill set and show off your work, as you would in a portfolio. For example, a landscaper could share before and after pictures of a front yard; a hairdresser could share pictures of recent clients; or a photographer could share examples from their latest photo shoot.

You can use Instagram to network, generate job leads, and get your name out there. As with all social media, having a polished Instagram account can contribute to your positive online presence.

You can also use Instagram to learn about job postings and employers. Many companies have Instagram accounts, which can give you valuable insight into the company’s culture. This can help you stand out from the crowd during an interview. Just like with Twitter, some companies also have separate accounts to share job postings.

In this section: Privacy on Instagram, and Job Search with Instagram.

Privacy on Instagram

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Posts can be shared publically or only to people who you give permission to see your account. (Learn more about Instagram privacy settings here: Help Center—Managing Your Account—Privacy Settings & Information).

As with all social media, make sure your posts reflect you in a positive light. If you already have an Instagram account full of selfies and pictures of your cat, consider creating a second professional account.

Job Search with Instagram


If you want, you can add hashtags to photos to categorize them. Hashtags can highlight specific content, link your image to a specific industry, or help more people see your photo. You can also tag companies you’d like to work for in posts that are related to the company, or to your skills. For example, someone interested in working in event planning might post a picture of a table setting they designed with a hashtag of the company they would like to work for.

Here are a few links with more information about hashtags:

Other Job Search Tips

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