Job Search on LinkedIn

Linked InOne of the services LinkedIn offers is job search.  On the top of your profile page are several tabs, one of which is “Jobs”.  Clicking on the job tab shows job postings that may be relevant based on your skills and abilities.  Further, you can specify a location so jobs posted near you are listed.  You can also use the search bar to search by job title, keyword, location or company name.

You can refine the job search by clicking on “Advanced Search” which lets you select and sort by country, industry, function and desired salary.  You can also search for jobs posted by specific companies.  For example, “jobs at Google” yields 10 pages of results.

Some LinkedIn groups may have a “jobs” category.  For example, if you are an engineer and have joined a group for engineers, someone within the group may share an engineering job posted within their company.

Keep an eye on your newsfeed; sometimes people will post a link to a job their company is trying to fill.

Once you have found a job you want to apply for, researching the company you are applying to on LinkedIn may serve you well.  Look within your network for connections to the company.  Do you have a first or second degree connection who can be a resource when you apply? If so, can they share some information on the company culture or what qualities the company looks for in a successful candidate?  Would they be willing to make a personal introduction to someone within the hiring department?  Remember that some companies offer bonuses if an employee facilitates a successful hire so you shouldn’t be shy about reaching out to people or asking a contact to facilitate an introduction (Fertig, n.d.).

You can look on LinkedIn for information on the hiring manager including connections you may share.  Did you go to the same school or live in the same area?  Are you in common groups?  Proving your interest in working for a company by including company tidbits in a cover letter or during an interview can give you a leg-up in the hiring process.

When you have found a job to apply for, there may be an option to apply with a click of a button through LinkedIn. However, having a personal introduction to people making the decision is still the best option.  Before you apply, look through your network to see if there is anyone who can help you get a foot in the door (Fertig, n.d.).

Applying for a Job via LinkedIn

LinkedIn members can apply for jobs posted on LinkedIn quickly and easily.  Job seekers will want to make sure their profile is flattering, accurate and up-to-date since LinkedIn uses the data entered by users to compile the information necessary to apply for jobs posted on LinkedIn.

Applying for jobs can be done after logging into your account from a desktop computer, or, users can install a LinkedIn mobile app and apply for jobs via the app.

Click on the links below to learn how to apply for a job on LinkedIn:

Applying for a Job on LinkedIn

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Blogging tools to Increase your Professional Exposure

A blog contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by an author (Merriam-Webster, 2016).  For job search, blogs can be used to increase your visibility, mitigate digital dirt, showcase your thought leadership, or engage your network.  LinkedIn offers a blogging, or “long-form post” platform for this purpose. When you publish a long-form post on LinkedIn:

  • The content becomes part of your professional profile. It is displayed on the Posts section of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Your long-form post is shared with both your connections and followers.
  • Members outside your network can follow you from your long-form post to receive updates when you publish next.
  • Your long-form post is searchable both on and off of LinkedIn.

To learn more strategies for blogging see restoring your online presence.

Here is a video of Kristen Jacoway Beasley explaining how LinkedIn can be used in a job search: