Online Career Development

Online networkingSocial media influences many areas of our lives, including professional development and job search. Sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be used to search for a job, promote skills, network with colleagues, and reach out to potential mentors and customers. As such, it is important to understand the platforms available, and how they can support job search efforts.

It is also critical for job seekers to know how they are portrayed online. Employers can and do use Social Media to verify education, employment and experience claims; to informally vet employees with a Google search; and to look for proof of professional performance.

Social Media is a big topic with important implications for job search success. With a little work, most job seekers can create an online profile that is appealing to potential employers and supports career growth. While this site highlights a variety of online tools and strategies, don’t worry about doing them all. You can spend a lot of time managing your online presence and become overwhelmed. Pace yourself and enjoy the process! Use the menu on the right to learn more.