Links to Kristen Jacoway Beasley’s Podcasts

Below are links to Kristen Jacoway Beasley’s podcasts on job search.  Feel free to click on a link to listen to the podcast or click on the following link to explore her website:


Episode 0: Introduction to Kristen Jacoway Beasley and Career Design Coach Academy

Episode 1: How to Develop a Target Company Prospect List

Episode 2: Is Your Online Reputation Digitally Distinct?

Episode 3: How Digital Dirt can Affect Your Job Search and 5 Strategies to Improve your Online Reputation

Episode 4: How to Create a LinkedIn Profile that Grabs the Attention of an Employer or Recruiter

Episode 5: How to Find Good Networking Contacts on LinkedIn

Episode 6: Q & A: What Questions Should You Ask in Your Interview?

Episode 7: How to Reach Even Your Most Difficult Goal

Episode 8: How to use the Advanced Features of LinkedIn to Find Your Dream Job

Episode 9: Q & A: 5 “Must-dos” for Your Daily Job Search Schedule

Episode 10: Upcoming Job Interview?  There is an App for that!

Episode 11: Why Social Media has Become so Important in a Job Search

Episode 12: Q & A: Help!  I Don’t Know the Name of the Hiring Manager to put on my Cover Letter

Episode 13: Tool to Increase Your Focus and Productivity

Episode 14: Top 7 Resume Mistakes

Episode 15: Q and A: How Many Years of Work History Should I Include on my Resume?

Episode 16: How to Brand your Email Signature

Episode 17: 11 Steps to a Recruiter Friendly Resume

Episode 18: Should I Write a Thank You Letter?

Episode 19: Cracking the New LinkedIn Student App

Episode 20: The 11 Biggest Job Search Mistakes you can Easily Avoid

Episode 21: 9 Tips on how to use Twitter in a Job Search

Episode 22: 18 Tips for Facebook Privacy in a Job Search

To see a complete list of the podcasts available, please visit Kristen’s website:


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