Cracking the New “LinkedIn Students” App

LinkedIn recently launched LinkedIn Students, an app made especially for students who want to use LinkedIn to help them find a job or internship.

Why Students Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn has more than 450 million members. Unlike other popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn facilitates networking between business professionals. It is never too early to take advantage of LinkedIn; the minimum user age is 13 years old!

Here are some of the benefits students can enjoy on LinkedIn:

  • Become familiar with the job market. With millions of job openings and internships listed, students can get a good sense of opportunities including who is hiring and the skills required.
  • Make connections. Students can expand their network on LinkedIn by connecting with like-minded people and industry leaders. The earlier students join LinkedIn, the broader their network will be and the more job opportunities they may have.
  • Build a following. LinkedIn gives students the opportunity to start building their personal brand by creating blog posts, participating in groups, and exchanging messages with other members.

The main challenge with LinkedIn, however, is deciding where to place effort. This can be especially daunting for students who are not familiar with the job market and business world.  LinkedIn Students helps you get the most out of LinkedIn.

Features of LinkedIn Students App

The LinkedIn Students App, available for iOS and Android, taps into LinkedIn’s huge database of professionals to help students and recent college graduates connect with employers.  The App is integrated with the other features of LinkedIn and pre-populates the profiles of users who already have a basic LinkedIn profile.

It helps students:

  • Discover jobs and internships that are a good fit. Many students are confused about what jobs are a good match for their major, abilities, and interests. Since the job market changes rapidly, relying on outdated information is not helpful. With the LinkedIn Students App, students can have access to the very latest data making it easier to conduct productive job searches.
  • Daily Recommendations. The app provides suggestions for students based on the information they provide, including the type of jobs a student would be suited for and companies they may be interested in. LinkedIn also taps into alumni data and evaluates the career path taken by former students. Information on the top companies that hire alumni from their college/university is available as well.
  • Learn more about different jobs and careers. When the app makes suggestions, you may be introduced to jobs and careers not considered. You can then click on links to find out what these jobs entail, how much they pay, and the demand for them. This is an efficient way to learn about promising career paths.

Using LinkedIn and the Students App to Jump-start Your Career

  • University Pages. LinkedIn captures data on more than 24,000 colleges and universities. Students can find information on alumni, participate in groups associated with a university, contact the LinkedIn college page administrator, or see a list of connections related to any school. These features are an efficient way to find new college-related connections on LinkedIn.
  • Alumni Tool. Students can look up the college or university they graduated from and see where alumni live, work, and what careers they have chosen. In addition to being useful for students, this feature is also convenient for companies planning career events.
  • Advanced People Search. Both students and education professionals can use advanced search features to fine-tune job searches. Students can search for first and second level connections, people who work for specific companies, CEOs and other executives and alumni.

LinkedIn provides students with an extremely valuable set of tools to help make new connections and find potential jobs and internships. Here is a summary of what you can do to get the most out of these tools:

  • Create and optimize your profile using a recent photo, a complete education profile and an accurate description of your career goals.
  • Download the new LinkedIn Students App and use the features including the daily ideas.
  • Make new connections on a regular basis; use the people search function to find people to connect to.
  • Identify groups to be active in including alumni, areas of study, or the field in which you hope to work.
  • Blog on LinkedIn; this gives you a chance to showcase ideas and connect with even more people.

LinkedIn students was designed to help recent graduates and current students jump-start their careers. In today’s digital world, it has the potential to be an invaluable tool.

For more information on the LinkedIn student App and to see how it can be used, please review this video:

LinkedIn Student App summary



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