How to Build Your Personal Brand on is a platform to build a simple one-page website to guide people to other online locations that showcase your background, interests and talents. is not a social media or networking site like Facebook or LinkedIn. Rather, it is a simple web-building tool designed to direct visitors to your professional pages while conveying an appealing and well-optimized image. Think of an webpage as a digital business card you can share.

 With, you can:

  • Create profile pages for free. It’s easy to change your profile, bio, and photos whenever you want.
  • Link to your profile from anywhere, such as in your email signature.  This will help send more visitors to your page.
  • Use the Spotlight feature to build a simple call-to-action, directing visitors anywhere you want.

There are a number of ways you can use for personal branding.


Many users are freelancers who link to their portfolios, business websites, Facebook page, etc. For example, if you are a photographer, the Spotlight function can send people to a website to view your photographs. If you are a musician, you can link to your songs on Soundcloud.

Find a Job

You can use the site to help with your job search by linking to your resume, LinkedIn page, or any site where your qualifications are listed.

Online Commerce

If you are promoting, advertising, or selling products online, you can link to your online store, Amazon page, or wherever your products are listed. can be used to create a professional and engaging landing page which can be another tool in your job search.  Considering how easy it is to build an page, there’s nothing to lose by creating a profile and discovering how can be used to brand yourself.


Photo credit: ePublicist via Visualhunt / CC BY-ND