5 Top Facebook Posts for Voc. Rehab Agencies

Picture of a phone with a Facebook login screen

Facebook dominates the social media market with more active daily users than any other platform.  To reach these users, the CDC’s Guide to Writing for Social Media, suggests posts be:

  • Action orientated –All Facebook post should include a “call to action,” whether it is a link to more information about VR services, an article about tips for finding a job or an accessible YouTube video.
  • About 250 characters – Facebook allows posts to be up 420 characters, but only 250 characters show up in the news feed.
  • Written in plain language – Posts should be written in active voice, free of acronyms and jargon.
  • Image heavy – Facebook posts should include at least one photo. Posts that include pictures get more views.

Facebook can be a valuable tool for reaching consumers and building a VR presence, but sometime it is hard to think of what to post. You can use social media to discuss the great work your VR agency is accomplishing as well as to highlight what is happening at the local and national level. Below we give examples of Facebook posts that fall into the top five (according to us) content areas for VR agencies. For each example, the text of the post is written in the body of the blog followed by a photo showing what that post looks like on Facebook.

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