Know your Audience using Analytics

Screenshot of Google analytics page

Developing a strong social media presence can have multiple benefits for VR consumers.  It can drive them to the agency website so they are more aware of VR services and how to apply.  It can alert them to employment related resources such as information about desired job skills, strong applications, or resume building, and highlight upcoming events, like career fairs, college tours, or training opportunities.  Overall, it can increase consumer engagement with job search activities and the VR system, in general.  All these benefits, however, rely on pushing content that resonates with your target audience. Web analytics is one strategy for assessing social media posts to maximize efforts.

There are multiple built-in or free web analytic programs for evaluating consumer engagement.  Some platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, have their own analytics, which can be used to measure the number clicks, views, and user demographics. Google analytics can be coded into websites to assess incoming traffic.  Each of these tools provides an array of information that allow you to develop a strong posting strategy.  This blog describes how these tools might be used.

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