8 Things to Remember when Posting to Twitter

Twitter can help build your audience and drive more traffic to your website, Facebook page, blog, or YouTube channel. Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies can use tweets to engage consumers, employers, and counselors.  Unlike more content-rich social media platforms, however, Twitter feeds are fast-paced so tweets get buried quickly.  Further, Twitter users can be overwhelmed with information overload. This post highlights ways to make your agency’s tweets stand out.

What makes a good tweet?

  • Keep it short so content can be retweeted; tweets that are 100 – 115 characters are ideal.
  • Keep tweets public so they can be retweeted or seen by people who are not following you.
  • Change-up the tweet if you share the same information multiple times. Examples of content you may post repeatedly include training opportunities, job fair information, or special events your audience should be aware of.
  • Shorten the URLs included in your tweet (Davies, 2015). Here is a link to a platform that will shorten web addresses: https://bitly.com/
  • Include images with tweets. Images capture people’s attention and can boost your re-tweet rate (Rodgers, 2014).
  • Spread your tweets across the day so they don’t clutter someone’s feed. Remember to monitor your analytics so you know when your posts are most likely to be viewed.
  • Pin a tweet you would like everyone to see to the top of your Twitter home page. This is especially helpful if you have an event coming up that you would like to promote.
  • Don’t post tweets that lack personality. People don’t want to engage with a robot (Davies, 2015).

Examples of tweets

Georgia VR has a fantastic twitter feed (@E3Georgia).  Here are screen shots of a few of their tweets which follow the guidelines shared above.

What does it take to become an #Electrician? buff.ly/2bk3Sa8 #career #job #jobshadowing #advice #goals

The things that make you #different make you #great! buff.ly/2aY7vdg #unique #success #celebrity #news #dyselxia #reading

The core #softSkills every #sucessful #entrepreneur needs buff.ly/2b980ez #skills #career #business #marketing #ideas

Creating strong tweets gets easier with time and practice.  Keep these guidelines and examples in mind so your messages engage your audience and don’t get buried.  Soon tweeting will be second nature for you and your agency.


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