5 Personality Traits to Demonstrate During an Interview

People in cafe writing in notebook with digital tablet and coffee cup

Congratulations, you landed a job interview! But wait—what if you get lost and can’t find the building on the morning of your interview? What if the elevator breaks on the way to the office and you are late? What if you’re so nervous you knock a glass of water into your interviewer’s lap?

Instead of stressing about what could go wrong, focus on the things in your control. Wear appropriate, professional, clean and ironed clothes. Make sure your resume is well-written (no typos!) and printed on quality paper. And think about what you want to share during your interview.

Make sure you are prepared to share information about yourself that illustrates how you are the best person for the job. In addition to talking about the experience and skills you have, you should also talk about personal characteristics that show you will be a great employee.

Here are the top 5 traits hiring managers look for when they interview. Regardless of whether you are interviewing for an engineering position or a dog-grooming job, if you demonstrate these 5 traits you’ll have a great chance of getting the job.

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