5 Ways to Improve the Security of your Social Media Sites

Photo of keyboard chained and locked

Social media, by its very nature, is social. As such, the default settings on most social media sites are public, meaning that anyone, anywhere, can see what you post. There are many reasons you might consider tightening up security of your personal social media profiles. In particular, you might consider the impact public social media accounts might have on your employment opportunities. For example, you may not want current or potential coworkers and supervisors viewing the photos your friend tagged you in during your spring break trip to Cancun. Similarly, if you are in a profession with a rotating caseload, you may not want consumers googling your name, finding your Facebook page and learning things about your marital status, religious, or political beliefs.

By taking a few simple precautions you can improve the security of your personal social media sites and even use social media to improve your employment opportunities by creating a professional online presence. However, it is important to remember: if you wouldn’t be comfortable sharing it with everyone, don’t post it.

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