Hashtag use in Vocational Rehabilitation

Hand holding card with hashtag symbol on it.

Using hashtags in tweets and social media posts is something to consider to increase an agency’s social media presence.  We discussed hashtag use in the context of creating proof of performance and managing your online presence.  However, there are additional things to consider when a VR agency decides to use hashtags to communicate with consumers.

Hashtags (#) are used to group social media posts or pictures.   You can also use hashtags to create your own search term.  For example, an agency might have a standard hashtag that is added to anything they post (i.e. #MontanaVR).

Hashtags can also be used to organize and connect groups of people within online communities. Sometimes a conference or event will promote a hashtag so all the posts about the event can be found with one search. An example of this is the #SXSW hashtag used to share information about the annual South by Southwest Conference in Austin.

Here are some things to consider when using hashtags.

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