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Online Career Development Tools for Employment

Various online platforms can be utilized to advance employment goals whether someone is looking for a job, interested in keeping a job, or wanting to network within a profession. The Telecom Toolbox is a resource for VR professionals interested in using online career development tools with their consumers or for personal career growth.

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If managed effectively, distance communication methods like email, texting, instant messaging, and video conferencing offer opportunities for improved VR counselor – consumer relationships and outcomes.

Online networking

Online Career Development

The internet and social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, can influence job search, offer avenues to pursue employment opportunities and reinforce and improve your online reputation.

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Online career development tools introduce new ethical considerations. With the right knowledge, security settings and commitment to staying current on recent developments in the field, ethical concerns can be managed.


What’s New

  • Responding to Negative Posts on Social Media - An active social media presence promotes communication between Vocational Rehabilitation and consumers and can be a valuable information-sharing tool.  Before your agency establishes an online presence, however, consider and plan for responding to negative posts on your social media accounts.  The following suggestions were taken from VR policies and online experts. Develop Guidelines Develop a ... Read more...
  • Hashtag use in Vocational Rehabilitation - Using hashtags in tweets and social media posts is something to consider to increase an agency’s social media presence.  We discussed hashtag use in the context of creating proof of performance and managing your online presence.  However, there are additional things to consider when a VR agency decides to use hashtags to communicate with consumers. ... Read more...
  • Creating Engaging Content for Youth - Recently, the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program received a Career Pathways grant to improve employment outcomes among transition-aged youth.  The grant allowed Georgia VR to hire Tanya Wise, a Social Media Technologist, to build and maintain an online presence.  According to Tanya, transition-aged youth are drawn to content that is relevant, inclusive, visual and ‘non-governmental’.  ... Read more...